Incredible to Hear Your Voice
Audio Review

It has been incredible to hear your voice tell your awful story. I have choked up and cried when you got emotional. I have felt sick with horror as you described what they put you through. I have sent so much love and compassion your way. I just can’t even imagine the horror. So heartbreaking!! … Read more

What is Jean Hargadon Wehner Doing Now?

Netflix’s The Keepers follows the investigation into the 1969 death of Sister Catherine Cesnik, a Baltimore nun and former Archbishop Keough High School teacher. The murder remains, to this day, unsolved, but members of her community believe she was killed to cover up Keough’s allegedly rampant clergy sex abuse. One abuse victim has since come forward publicly, leading many to wonder: What is Jean Hargadon Wehner doing now?
– Bruce Mason

A Riveting True Story of Courage, Healing and Love

It’s hard to imagine the emotional weight of the authority figures that bore down on Jean when she was a student at Baltimore’s Archbishop Keough High School in the late 1960s. In the end, this is a story about healing, and Jean’s ability to illuminate a powerful road map for others taking this same journey.
– Janet Rudolph

Walking with Aletheia

An absolutely outstanding book! Written so beautifully by the author Jean Hargadon Wehner. Some of the things in this book are horrifying, and unthinkable! But the book also reminds you of the in people. Jean is an amazing, brave, and inspirational human being! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! Melanie S.

Walking with Aletheia

After finishing this book it stayed with me as The Keepers did. I admire Jean Wehner so very much! The horrific true story from her is complying to the end. More important is her survival, healing and sharing this to help others heal along with herself. It’s inspiring and phenomenal. I couldn’t possibly recommend any … Read more

Profound and Courageous!

Jean has courageously written an important, profound book recounting horrific abuse by individuals who were supposed to care for and protect her and then retraumatization by institutions that were only interested in protecting themselves. Her healing process is unique and speaks to the power of the mind/body/spirit/soul to survive and heal. Fortunately, she had a … Read more

How Journaling Helped Me Be More Calm, Mindful And Resilient

Heidi Sander in Authority Magzine at asks Jean about her journaling process: “In my journaling program, I have found that journaling can help people to become more calm, mindful and resilient. Based on your experience and research, can you please share with our readers “five ways that journaling can help you to be more calm, mindful and resilient”?