I dedicate my practice
to the souls who need the light to find their way.

Jean Hargadon Wehner
January 24, 1999

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During one of the more intense times of my healing process I had a very powerful meditation. It continued over the course of weeks.

A woman stood barefoot, hair loose, stocky in form wearing a long dress and apron. She was staring intently at the rocky side of a mountain. Her arms were outstretched. As days turned into weeks I not only saw her but also sensed her. She was staring so hard that light was pouring from her eyes and hands toward the rocks. It seemed to penetrate the surface.

At some point I found myself scratching and clawing through the rock, toward the light. I had been buried alive and the light was drawing and helping me find my way out. I broke the surface and shielded my eyes from the brilliant light.

As I turned my head toward the tunnel of darkness, which led to my tomb, I saw many pairs of eyes staring up at me. There were others still down there!