The Keepers

My participating in The Keepers could not have happened without facing a major obstacle in my life…FEAR

Over the years I’ve had to accept that fear doesn’t go away.  However, each time I face it in order to take the next step in my health walk, I benefit.

I am hopeful that this documentary will help others find the courage to face their fears and trust that they are not alone. 

Remember, there is power in numbers and our unified voices — in The Keepers and beyond — will not be silenced anymore!

Go to if you want to see some photos of some Keepers survivors, their supporters and their self-help practices.

Take care of yourself…one step at a time!

About Jean’s new book: Walking with Aletheia

Ms. Wehner poignantly reveals her decades long process of re-membering herself…..literally putting herself back together through deep exploration of memories, sensations and fragments of herself, until they eventually coelescated into the formation of a post-traumatic, empowered woman. She has withstood the tsunami of emotions and memories with such grace and grit, inspiring other survivors and encouraging them to continue their healing journey.

Bhanu Joy Harrison, LCSW

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