Profound and Courageous!

Jean has courageously written an important, profound book recounting horrific abuse by individuals who were supposed to care for and protect her and then retraumatization by institutions that were only interested in protecting themselves. Her healing process is unique and speaks to the power of the mind/body/spirit/soul to survive and heal. Fortunately, she had a network of support–family, friends, therapists, spirit guides which included people, animals, and mysterious “imaginary” ones.

The book gives hope to other survivors. My hope is that therapists will read and gain insight into the effects of trauma on their clients. It is not enough to learn about the neurobiology of trauma. Jean teaches us about the psycho/spiritual effects of trauma. We all, especially therapists, need to bear witness to this and learn to “sit with the shattered soul” (Kathy Steele).

Institutions (church, legal, school, etc) need to pay heed and start to reform from within. Jean’s process is a deep, spiritual, ongoing inner healing process. There is a lot to be learned from this awesome book!

Marie E Cournoyer