How Journaling Helped Me Be More Calm, Mindful And Resilient

Heidi Sander in Authority Magzine at asks Jean about her journaling process: “In my journaling program, I have found that journaling can help people to become more calm, mindful and resilient. Based on your experience and research, can you please share with our readers “five ways that journaling can help you to be more calm, mindful and resilient”?

Walking With Aletheia

I’m Not a good reader, takes me forever to finish a book however Walking With Aletheia is a book you Simply Can Not Put Down ..A True Story of Courage that Offers Child Victims of Abuse Hope & Coping Mechanisms that are Helpful & Practical .

At Times I became so angry I Wished bodily harm to the Perpetrator, Father Masekil ,( should’ve been called Monster Masekil , way more fitting!)
A Must Read !


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A profound advanced psychology course

Reading Jean Hargadon Wehner’s Walking with Aletheia: A Survivor’s Memoir equates to taking a profound advanced psychology course, one focused upon world-shaking damages which the trauma of betrayal wreaks. Though she withstood the worst assaults—mind-numbing, intentional attacks against the innocent child she was—she somehow retained an impressive dignity.
– Mitzi Mabe

An astonishingly vivid “survival document”

An astonishingly vivid “survival document” by a courageous writer who spent several decades healing from numerous rapes by Catholic priests and cops at a Catholic girl’s high school in Baltimore. This shocking memoir is a “must-read” for all those who are determined to stop the sexual abuse of children.
— Tom Nugent, a reporter on the Emmy-nominated Netflix docuseries, The Keepers.

Recovering and finding support

Though I have worked as a psychologist with many victims of sexual abuse, helping them uncover and heal fragments of their uncovered memories, Jean brings together a much broader and more complete picture of her journey. Writing her story is so important in her personal healing, but also for others recovering from sexual abuse, freeing them from the feelings of guilt and responsibility of victimhood, and finding support in coming out of the emotional prison of the abused.
– Nicholas Brink, PhD

For survivors and therapists

Walking with Aletheia is Jean Wehner’s courageous account of her journey depicting how she survived the atrocious and despicable sexual abuse… Her story is profound, shows strength of the human spirit, and gives hope. This book would benefit both survivors of sexual abuse as well as their therapists.
–Valdone Kuciauskas, APRN/BC

Survival and hope

Walking With Aletheia is an amazing story of survival and hope. Jean shares her incredible life journey against all odds from a small helpless child to a strong and loving adult that I am proud to call my friend. I could not put this book down.
– Maria Rauser

Deep into your heart

It reaches deep into a part of your heart you didn’t know was there…haunting, chilling, devastating and beautiful.
– Alex Kuciauskas Hargadon

A journey from childhood sexual abuse toward healing

In her book, Walking with Aletheia, Jean puts her heart and soul on paper, to take us through her journey toward healing from shocking childhood sexual abuse. She explains the deepest thought patterns and coping methods that enabled her to survive and function in an environment that was unaware of or ignored her horrific situation.
— Marcella Biggins

Strength and vulnerability

A powerful combination of strength and vulnerability in nonfiction storytelling.
– Ryan White and Jessica Hargrave, makers of Netflix’s The Keepers